What we do

We invest in, develop and manage some of the world’s most transformative places. We have a diverse team working across four continents in cities like London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto. Our competitive advantage lies in combining our global platform and expertise with local trends and experience to create exceptional value.

We invest

Our investments all set out to do the same thing: deliver robust financial and social returns for our people, places and partners. Committed, permanent capital from our owners helps us move fast and means we’re unconstrained by market conditions. We are flexible and nimble. We execute creative transactions with rigorous risk analysis and data-driven decisions. Public or private, new or existing, single asset or portfolio, debt or equity – our conviction and understanding of markets means we embrace the complex, not shy away from it.

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We develop

From single properties to city-defining mixed-use districts, we’re reimagining places with a focus on people. Our development projects span five sectors and four continents. They pioneer new sustainability, technology and well-being solutions, and shape the future of how we live, work, learn and play. Our scale allows us to engage the best architects, planners, placemakers and designers. The global reach of our business gives us vision and expertise, our local teams and partners give us insights and nuances honed on-the-ground —together, they create enduring social and economic value.

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We manage

The big things. The community-connecting things. The small things only a few will notice. We care about them all – equally. With Oxford, every interaction every day is exceptional, whatever the asset class or geography. We never stop looking for ways to create value for our customers, properties and partners. From day-to-day activities to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Leasing to operations. Placemaking to programming. Our approach starts with the incremental – and expands right out to the exponential.

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We partner

Co-investment partnerships help us scale our business. We serve a select group of global institutional investors that share our vision and value a partner with committed capital and substantial skin in the game. We offer brand power, access and a direct alignment of interests. A track record of delivering exceptional returns. Most of our partnerships started out with a single investment and grew over time. That tells us we’re getting it right.

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