With more than two million people walking through our doors every day, we’re always looking for new thinking and creative collaboration opportunities to activate our spaces and engage our customers. We help brands expand reach, increase visibility and connect with consumers on a new level—and we measure what matters.

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Innovative sponsorship

strategies that provide brands visibility at premier properties.


Highly desirable demographic

of consumers who love fresh experiences and new ideas.


Engaging opportunities

to boost awareness and reach in a natural setting.


Prime locations

that offer access to the right people at the right time in the right way.

Create engaging experiences

Our spaces provide the perfect setting for engaging brand activations, events, and amenity sponsorships. Brands can explore new products and boost consumer awareness through pop ups - a fun and effective way to temporarily set up shop. Our spaces also provide the perfect setting for film and TV shoots, and lots of opportunity for digital and static OOH advertising. You can find these spaces in the best buildings with the most desirable customers, globally.


Let us find space for your ideas


Nick Iozzo?

Senior Director?, Retail Innovation

and Lead Generation?

Phone +1 416 350 7928
Email niozzo@oxfordproperties.com?

United Kingdom

Deborah Green

Director, Asset Management

Phone +44 20 7842 4987
Email dgreen@oxfordproperties.com

United States of America

Lauren Lee

Administrative Assistant

Email LLee@oxfordproperties.com


Anneke Hasenritter

Senior Marketing and Communications Manager

Phone +49 30 2575 1603
Email AHasenritter@oxfordproperties.com