St. John's Terminal

New York City, USA

Located on New York City’s West Side, St. John’s Terminal is something entirely new: the workplace we would all want to work in.

In 2018, Oxford bought a development site highlighting the historically-significant freight terminus of the High Line. Where others saw challenges, we saw opportunities. St. John’s Terminal has epic scale. Its industrial past and immense historic infrastructure reimagined as a next generation, high-performance biophilic workplace. Its history will stand as a foundation for its future.

Workplaces shape the businesses and people that occupy them. St. John’s Terminal’s rare 100,000+ square foot floorplates, 15+ foot ceilings and 440-foot unobstructed views of the Hudson River deliver a contemporary, campus-style space that maximizes light and access to nature.

Reimagined by COOKFOX Architects, St. John’s Terminal’s design is based on progressive principles that prioritize occupant health and well-being. Public gardens at grade, and three planted terraces above, blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Biodynamic lighting, highly filtered outside air are added to a location and end-of-trip facilities that encourage commuting by foot or bicycle.

Sensors, beacons and an integrated operating system combine to enable real time smart operations and customized experiences. And thanks to some of the best fiber connectivity in the city, everything at St. John’s Terminal will keep pace with the needs of the most progressive businesses.

At their best, workplaces instigate innovation and support the whole person. That’s what St. John’s Terminal will do, and that’s why we attracted one of the world’s most innovative companies to sign their largest lease in history, and the largest lease in Manhattan—the entire 1.3 million square foot building—before construction even began.

St. John’s Terminal is adjacent to some of New York City’s most desirable neighbourhoods, where Hudson River Park, the West Village, SoHo and Tribeca meet. For decades, developers have coveted the site but, given its complexity and scale, with an existing historic structure that takes up two city blocks, none were able to unlock a solution.

Our team envisioned the potential for St. John’s Terminal immediately and worked feverishly to acquire the site from the existing land-owner. We engaged the community to learn what was important to local residents and business owners, and to help them understand how our vision would create wide-spread social and economic value.

We engaged COOKFOX Architects to help bring our vision to life. Their innovative approach to designing commercial, cultural and community buildings, and progressive understanding of, human-focused design, biophilia and sustainability, made them the ideal partner for St. John’s Terminal.

The 12-storeys of St. John’s Terminal feature massive floorplates and expansive views of the Hudson River. Its vast, light-filled interiors promote the creative collision that generate new ideas. It’s connection to nature —with and the neighbourhood provide the best quality of life and workplace experience.

St. John’s Terminal stands in a category of one.

Our vision for St. John’s Terminal was bold and progressive, and we knew the right team would be able to create something extraordinary.

We partnered with COOKFOX Architects to bring their trademark biophilic, human-focused design principles, and with Gensler to optimize the interiors for maximum flexibility, productivity and workplace experience. We leveraged Oxford’s global design and construction experience and paired it with the unique understanding of the West Side our local team has built through the development of Hudson Yards. And we brought in long-standing partner CPPIB with a 50% non-managing interest in the project knowing they share our focus on building long-term sustainable value.

We stayed true to our vision for the site and the opportunity to transform the future of work. Our conviction paid off with tremendous occupier interest, and resulted in a global tech company taking the entire building to house their New York headquarters.

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